Your Energy Signature
Say YES to You


What I believe…

I believe ~ that everyone is born with their own distinctive voice, their own way of being. Although many of us can be much alike – no two people are the same. There is no one exactly like you. I see this as Your Energy Signature – who you were born to be. It’s as if each of us has our own special spiritual DNA – forever linked to our emotional, intellectual and physical bodies.

I believe ~ we spend much of our lives trying to be different, trying to fit it in. Your own Energy Signature can become dimmed, covered up, overlooked – hidden even from yourself as indifference or insignificance.  You begin to believe there is no other way. Armed with imprinting from your past – you often convince yourself that nothing will change – or can change – as you see your future rolling out ahead of you.

I believe ~ there is another way. You can change – you can re-teach yourself. You can find the light that is within you – that is you. You can uncover You. You can retrieve Your Energy Signature and in re-marking it you can become truly remarkable!

My Vision of You…

When Energy Signatures meet – truly meet – something surprising and utterly loving happens.  This is how it feels to me:

When I "tune in" – which happens when I allow an intimacy to take place – I take on what feels like a deep empathy.  I feel like I "become" you – kind of like the mind-merge Spock was able to do on Star Trek.  I see all the good/bad, beautiful/ugly. You take on a "bigger than life" aura for me.  I can see your "Ideal" self and I can "feel" what is blocking you from getting there.  When this happens I see you for the truly beautiful person you are – regardless of the crap that you carry with you – that can "surround" you.

Although I can help you to achieve whatever you wish for – I will only aid if it is chosen – by you and by me.  We are all learning how to choose - and choosing our best way to learn. Whatever you choose IS your best way! I know there are many roads that will get you there – my way is but one way.

I feel that whether or not a "direct" healing takes places – when you are truly “seen” – Essence Recognition takes place and healing is the natural outcome.  True intimacy IS healing – whether it is with self or others.

I know what most people fear with intimacy.  They fear they will be seen for the “ugly” person they are – and they won’t be loved and accepted.  But the truth is – this ugliness is just a layer that hides your true self from yourself and from others.  When there is true intimacy – you are able to see true beauty – it just shines through.  It can't help but!

I see Compassion as a way of allowing ALL of you to just “BE” while holding the Vision of what “COULD BE” for you - until you are able to see it for yourself. You are already beautiful just as you are with or without change because you ALREADY hold ALL of you - within you. Change or the expansion of self - of BEing - will allow ALL of you - ALL that you hold - to be seen - to be experienced - to be loved. The whole of you can be accepted. You are loved ~ and when love is manifest it is inclusive of everything.

Maureen Greenaway ~
Your "Yes Woman"

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