Your Energy Signature

I worked for 30 years in Telecommunications in many corporations at every level of management – latterly certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute.  I never lost sight of the fact that a company’s greatest asset – their people – “walked out the door at night”.  Knowing what was important – what truly made a company successful – helped me make the corporate world a better place – wherever I worked.

My greatest love is working with people to gain a better understanding of who they are so they can find their best way back to their whole self – recharged and ready to go!

I am always looking for new and better ways to treat my clients and am always delightfully surprised how well everyone at their heart level knows what is “best” for themselves. I trust that anyone who has decided to work with me “knows” that our resonance of purpose can help create whatever is required to bring about the desired change and the expansion of their BEing. 


​​​​I am a Teacher, Reiki Master, Astrologer, certified in Clinical Hypnosis, Core Belief Engineering (CBE), and Spiritual Healing.

I am also a Michael Teachings Secondary Channel/Teacher and Primary Student.

Purveyor of Cryptic Messages from Essence.