Your Energy Signature

What Services do you offer?

So much of what I do is interchangeable. I may be Teacher one day – Healer the next.  Whether it be; Healer, Guide, Counselor, Coach, Therapist or Teacher – I can place them all under the arcing title of “Yes Woman”.

“Yes Woman” is a bit tongue-in-cheek but it does set the tone for all the many Yes’s or acceptances that are involved in the process of you becoming You.  And yes, the process of saying Yes may require very clear No’s along the way – but those help the Yes’s to be fulfilled.

I help people I work with to connect with all parts of themselves so they can become more vital and more whole. I don't tell people what they need, I help people to uncover and tell their own story. This takes time, exploration, collaboration and a clear sense of orientation, of knowing where you want to go, and who you want to BE-come.

How do we get started?

We start with a phone call where we can get acquainted. You will tell me what has prompted you to call and what you would like to work on.  I will tell you how I would/could work with you.  If we both feel there is a resonance and you feel like you will benefit from the work – we can set up a time/place to work.

Note: My Energy Healing Work can be used for Treatments and for Management: 

Treatments would be a block of sessions that develop cumulative effects, because one session will not necessarily show immediate results.

Management would be for those physical, emotional, mental issues that are understood may not ever "go away”,  but can be kept in check, accessed regularly for new insights, with the goal being on embracing the pattern more than transforming it. For instance, you may not be able to change the past, but you can help change the effects from the past, through management of the patterns that arise as linked to that past. 

Where do you work?

I do most of my work with clients over the phone except when we meet in person for hypnosis, Reiki, psychotherapy (CBE), or to teach classes. When a room is required I'll arrange for a convenient space where we can meet.

What are your business hours?

I am flexible – I try to work around my clients’ schedules. I am available most afternoons or evenings.

What are your rates?

My rate is $120/hr.