• You may not remember me, however we spent several sessions together which made a huge difference in my life.  I still recall many of the things we discussed. I just wanted you to know that you made a difference in my life and that your work is important.  Thank You again!!!  Although I am through my depression I still continue to soul search and I believe once a person has started to go on this journey, it is life long. I hope you are doing well and keeping up your excellent work.   J.B. North York, Canada

• Amazing. Beautiful open heart. Feel like I’ve woken up from a deep slumber of 20 years. When we work on something – it changes – clears up stuff and gets deeper and I get more in touch with myself.  S.M. Sydney, Australia

• Seeing you really helped. I feel totally like a new person. I have confidence. I stood up to a really difficult co-worker and felt really, really good about it (it was the first time anybody had done this!).  L.D. Scarborough, Canada

• You take a space in my mind that makes me strive to be better. Our talks inspire me. You are good at your craft!  M.L. North York, Canada

• Thank you so much for sharing this with me. You are always there when I start to doubt and start to question. I thank you for opening my eyes to see all that lays before me. It is mine to experience.  S.D. Toronto, Canada

• I am so excited about our synchronization on many fronts today.  How can you see what is in my heart and mind?  You are very talented and special Maureen and "you raise me up" "to be more than I can be".  M.L. North York, Canada.

Maureen, the perception of the inner self, the core of a person, their wounds, their past, their need for healing, etc. can be seen as crystal clear to you. You just "know".  MEntity


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