Your Energy Signature

Maureen Greenaway ~ Your "YES" Woman

I believe ~

Everyone is born with their own distinctive voice, their own way of being. Although many of us can be much alike – no two people are the same. There is no one exactly like you. I see this as Your Energy Signature – who you were born to be. It’s as if each of us has our own unique spiritual DNA – forever linked to our emotional, intellectual and physical bodies.

​Your life is the story of your soul. Your choices are the handwriting of it. 

...Say YES to You.

My Vision of You ~  ​

When Energy Signatures meet – truly meet – something surprising and utterly loving happens. This is how it feels to me:

When I tune in I take on what feels like a deep empathy. I feel like I become you – kind of like the mind-merge Spock was able to do on Star Trek. I see all the good/bad, beautiful/ugly. You take on a bigger than life aura for me. I can see your Ideal self and I can feel what is blocking you from getting there. When this happens I see you for the truly beautiful person you are – regardless of the weariness and fear that you carry with you – that can surround you.

Although I can help you to achieve whatever you want or need I will only aid if chosen by you and by me invitation only. We are all learning how to choose and we are all choosing our best ways to learn. I know my way is but one way and there are many paths that will get you where you are wanting or needing to go. I trust you to choose and I know whatever you do choose will always be the best way for you.

I feel that when you are truly seen,  whether you see your self, parts of your self, or others, Essence Recognition or True Intimacy takes place and healing is the natural outcome.  

I know what most people fear – with intimacy. They fear they won't be seen for who they truly are, which is beauty manifest, at your core. They fear they will be seen for who they think they are. They fear they won't be loved and accepted. But the truth is, the view of one's self, seen through weariness and fear, is just a layer that hides your natural beauty, your true self, from yourself and from others. When there is True Intimacy you are able to see your own true beauty, within, and it will be reflected back to you from others. It just. shines. through. How can it not?

I see compassion as the way. It's the way of allowing all of you to just be, while holding the vision of what could be, for you, until you are able to see who you truly are, for yourself. I know you are beautiful, just as you are, with or without changing, because you already hold all of you that is dear, within you. Change, or more accurately the expansion of self or the wholeness of BEing, will allow all of you - to be seen - to be experienced - to be loved. And in the end, what more is there than love.  ॐ

You have been retracting yourself from the world around you for far too long. You do not end with your skin. ~ MEntity